Most people may suffer from itchy scalp, but they don’t mind them this is not the right thing. In case, if you are having a dry and itchy scalp you have to concentrate on it if you don’t want to lose your hairs at any cost. The main cause of itchy or dry scalp is psoriasis, dandruff, and head lice, in this case; first, you have to understand the reasons for dry scalp in you.

Here are some of the home remedies for dry scalp, which you can make a trial to treat this dry scalp.

Warm olive oil

In general, olive oil is a good source to improve hair growth; in this case, the warm olive oil can encourage further the growth of hair as well as removes the itchy crusts on your scalp. Before using the olive oil, put them in a pan and heat them lightly then touch with your fingers and give your scalp a good massage and allow it to settle for a few hours before washing.

Apple cider vinegar

hair growthThe apple cider vinegar is a rich source of acetic acid which assists you in removing the dead cells of the scalp and also recovers wounds on your scalp. More to this the apple cider vinegar is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. To apply it you have to take 1 part of cider vinegar to 1 part of water and apply it to your scalp and leave it for few minutes.

Peppermint oil

This oil is rich in menthol that gives a cooling effect to your scalp and gives you relief from the itchy scalp. Just take oil in fingers and give massage to the scalp.

Lemon juice

Lemon is an available thing you can squeeze the lemon and mix them with yogurt now your hair mask is ready to apply. Apply them to the scalp and leave is for 10-15 before rinsing it.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is available in the supermarkets and medical shops which you can buy and apply them to your scalp. They are rich in anti-fungal properties so it gives relief to dry scalp.


It is a natural humectant and it can give a solution for your itchy scalp. The honey is rich in antioxidants and also encourages your hair growth by the way. Take apply drops of honey in hands and apply it to the scalp.

Onion juice

Applying onion juice to the scalp will help your scalp in removing the dead cells, the sulfur in onion prevent dryness in the scalp so you can try them.


Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is an easily available thing, so you can pick some of them and take the gels present in it. After separating the gel you can apply it to your scalp and on a few applications, you can completely say goodbye to the dryness of the scalp.


The egg is a source of protein and vitamin and to nourish your scalp and remove itchy and dryness, you can apply the albumin of the egg to your scalp.

Yogurt and eggs

The acid content in yogurt helps in removing the flakes and dryness of the scalp and you can use this with a combination of egg that gives you the best result.

Final thoughts

Above are the ten ways to get rid of dry scalp at home you can try them and get rid of the dry scalp at your home.