Hair is one of those very sensitive things of your body when they are exposed to the polluted environment or more application of artificial hair products they are highly prone to get damages. In this case, you have to provide good care for your hair if you are concerned about it.

Caring for your hair is not that tough thing instead of going with external products you can start using the DIY hair masks recipes to encourage your hair growth and to prevent severe hair loss. You can find so many natural home-made hair mask recipes just going through the internet if it is difficult for you. In the article 5 effective home-made oil mask recipes are mentioned start using it to encourage your hair.

Virgin coconut oil mask

Coconut oil is the thing which you can find on every kitchen shelves, it is the commonest thing. When it comes to hair try to buy the 100% coconut oil which is available in the market but the cost of virgin coconut oil is a little expensive than normal still it is worthier.

olive oil

Take oil in your fingers and give the massage with them in your scalp slowly that helps your hair in absorbing the oil. Through providing the massage the cuticle of hair absorbs the oil and stores them inside the scalp which encourages your hair to grow. 30 minutes of virgin oil on your scalp prevents fungal infections.

Cinnamon and coconut oil

It is very easy to prepare the cinnamon coconut oil, take one tablespoon of cinnamon powder, and mix them with extra virgin coconut oil, mix them. Now it is ready for hair mask take in your fingers and as like earlier give a good massage to your scalp. The benefit of using it is can prevent fungal infection and increase hair thickness.

Onion juice hair mask

The onion contains so many beneficial properties; the sulfur in onion supports the growth of hair. Grind the onion in a jar and take the juices of onion. Now apply this onion juice to your scalp, it may tear in your eyes, you need not worry about it. The onion can even treat baldness in men.

Garlic with olive oil

oil maskYou can take the garlic, grind them and mix with olive oil to prepare an effective hair mask. The garlic is rich in anti-microbial properties so it prevents fungal infections and encourages hair growth.

Olive oil

Olive oil can stimulate the growth of hair but when you are buying them for hair, buy it accordingly. Because there is cooking olive oil also so don’t get confused. Massaging with olive oil is enough to increase hair growth.

Final verdicts

Some of the recipes for homemade masks to grow hair is mentioned look, pick the one that suits your need, and encourage your hair growth.